Scary or Exciting? You Vote!

In just two days time span, there have been two incidents of random acts of kindness by my children.

My son apologized (without me asking him to) to his sister for yelling at her. It was about 15 minutes after the incident and out poured from his sincere little lips "I am sorry for yelling at you for throwing my Webkinz." You vote. . . scary or exciting?

Yesterday, while I was under extreme duress and frantically making dinner and working at the same time I was not paying attention to, carefully watching every move my children make when my daughter walks in to let me know she had a surprise for me in the bathroom. Wince, Shudder. . ."oh, wonderful honey. . .what ever could it be?" I doth not exaggerate. . .she started a load of clothes for me. She is six years old, ya'll! She had also cleaned out the sink with one of her moist wipes that we use for her little bottom. I did ask if she wiped first. . .I know it was wrong. ..but I couldn't help it! You vote. . .scary or exciting. I know my reaction was probably the scary part.

They are growing up indeed. I am savoring every little morsel.


Anonymous said...

Awww! That's awesome Desiree'! What awesome kiddos! I know we all have our (not-so-attractive) moments, but it's so inspiring to see the pendulum swing the other way more and more. Way to go! (That's my nephew and niece, everyone!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great to me, send them down to my house when their in the mood next time!!