Be A Publisher

Have you ever wanted to have your blog thoughts captured on paper? Have you ever wished for all of those stray recipe cards to be bound in a book? Have you tried Snapfish or Shutterfly's digital scrapbook publishing and found it to be time consuming.

Well, my hubby went to Guatemala this past summer and decided to make a digital scrapbook to capture his time there. I had published a digital family scrapbook on Snapfish and he loved it. He actually bragged to his friends about my scrapbooking!! Well, then he had to "one-up-me" and found blurb.

Blurb is really cool because you do not have to upload any pictures. You just download their program. There are lots of layouts and last night I downloaded their most recent version and it is way cool. You need to check it out. I think a copy of all of your recipes bound in a book would make a great Christmas present to me. The interesting thing about blurb is that after you make a book you can actually sell it at a different price and make money off of it. Look at those mom-making-money-wheels turning :)!!!

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Memarie Lane said...

Thank you sooooooo much. I have been wanting to put together a family cookbook for years, and all the sites I have found are either way too expensive or not user friendly. I will give this a try.

Susan said...

Wow, sounds great. Making a book and making a profit. Been wanting to look at other sites for pics. Thanks for the tip!

TexasTanya said...

How cool! This could be the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents and such.

Super tip! Thanks.

Rachel Anne said...

Thank you so much for this tip...I will bookmark it! Fun blog, btw. Great job.

Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT idea! Especially using it as a Christmas present -- we're a love to cook kind of family, so this would be priceless!
Thanks so much!