Cheaper than Dirt!

Last spring was the first time in about three years that we have been able to plant a garden. My husband graduated from seminary in Dallas last year. While we tried to grow a nice organic tomato plant in a pot on our downtown Dallas apartment back porch, we failed miserably.

So when he graduated and we moved I was more than eager to try out my garden hands. The bad thing about gardening is that it can get expensive really quickly. We sold most of our gardening equipment before we left for Dallas. We borrowed a tiller from our neighbor, picked a square in our yard that would get plenty of sunlight and started to work.

As we were tilling, we realized that half of our soil was rocks. We paid our kids a penny for every rock and then realized after $5.00 later that they barely scratched the surface. Fortunately, while I was talking to my neighbor who loaned me the tiller (great reason to get to know your neighbors, by the way) that he worked for Wally World at night. He said that one of the ways that he got less expensive soil was to buy the damaged packages at half off.

So I am letting you in on my little secret, during the summer especially, Wal Mart gets a lot of damaged packages of potting soil, rocks, flower and garden soil by them either receiving them that way or by me tearing little holes in them as I walk by. . .just kidding. I think from all of the handling. . .over time the rips just happen. They are usually in a specific place. . .like under a shaded pavilion on some crates out in the parking lot. . .at least that is what they do at my hometown location. They load them up for you and give you a receipt for your half off products. Yay!

Now, I tried this at Home Depot and they said that they send theirs back to the manufacturer and get their money back. Good for them, but they are doing a lot of extra work for nothing. If they would just sell them to me I would take them off of their hands. Oh well, that's all she wrote this week on Works for Me Wednesday. Make sure to check out more tips with Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.

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Monica said...

Thanks for the great tip!! I've always had a hard time paying money for dirt. It's good to know there are other options.

Did you know that the telephone company will deliver free mulch to your driveway (at least here in Indiana)? They have piles of it from trees they have cut down for placing poles.