Me and the Preacher

Last night I watched a really good movie at a Ladie's Night that we had with our church. We watched "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain". It stars Susan Hayward as the preacher's wife. It was really sweet. It exposed a lot of the difficulties of being in the pastorate. The thing I liked the best about the movie though is that it dramatically played out the great satisfaction of seeing lives changed after going through the daily grinds of sickness, death, marriage and everyday trials. The joy at the end of the movie would not be complete without experiencing all of the things I just mentioned. When we experience trials and joys together as the body of Christ we are brought closer to one another and to Christ Himself. I love how God shapes our character together.

This picture was taken after the preacher's ordination! The light was kind of in his eyes (as it should be! :)), but still a cute picture. I love you preacher man! and you don't kiss like a preacher!