May 3rd- May 27th

And it's outta there. . .he runs to first.

The growing Japanese garden. . .

One of my Mother's Day gifts. . .it is an antique Buffet from New Orleans.

A whirlwind of activity at the Rutter household. We have taken kids here and there, worked extensively on the yard, celebrated a wonderful Mother's Day, gone to every field trip possible, and ended the school year. We have a great summer planned along with a wonderful summer sleep-in session!!!! This is particularly enticing to me.

Our plans for the summer include a trip to Branson for a family reunion, a trip to Florida for some lazy time on the beach, a trip to Minnesota for some close family time and on the way back some time for some extended family time at another reunion. What fun! and in between all of that I will work from home, teach the kids some unique household cleaning skills, and enjoy some time in our above ground pool. Hopefully we can keep it algae-free this summer! :) I will post more on the household cleaning when I see if it works or not.

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Anonymous said...

You will be so exhauster from your 'vacations'. When will I get to see you???? And where in MN? We're going to the state fair, hopefully, this year. Call me!!!