Muddling Through

Recently, I attended a professional development on teaching students with dyslexia.  The professional development was supposed to help us know how to use a curriculum for students with dyslexia.  I have been using this program for several years and have never been formally trained.  The first day of training I realized what an error this was.  There are 10 parts to the program.  I may have been doing half of them with fidelity.  Our speaker, Mrs. Mona, said that it is a must that you teach with fidelity to get the most out of the program and for the students to make the greatest gains.  Wow!  When I confessed to the class and to our blessed teacher of the errors I had been making, she said, "it sounds like you have been muddling through."  Mrs. Mona, you have no idea. 

I think it is safe to say that I have also been "muddling through" life the last few years as well.  Things have not been straight forward for me.  I have not known which way to turn at times.  There have been high points and low points, but one thing is for sure it has not been easy.  Having two teenagers and a busy husband, both in work and in school, I have struggled to know what path to take on daily decisions and overall life's journey.  However, one thing is for certain, I have always felt God's presence.  Whether it has been in the classroom, in beauty from flowers, in a co-workers kind words, in a friend's hug, in my extended families' love for us, God has always given me glimpses of Him.  He loves me.  He really does.

I know the muddling won't really go away for a while.  Mrs. Mona says that I will muddle better now.  I think she is right.  I think it is better to muddle than not do anything, so I will keep on.  

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