Menu Planning for the Week

Ok, so last week was a disaster in my meal planning. It was my first week working full time and juggling most of my life (minus Gretel who had to be shipped to grandma's). I think we either ate out or Prince Charming cooked every night. So I determined to make improvements this week, maybe not perfect, but improve!

Monday - Small Group, making brownies and dip/veggies if they are lucky! :) Desiree or John Mark to put on beans for the next day to let them soak overnight.
Tuesday - beans with ham, jiffy corn muffins
Wednesday - Prince Charming has elder's meeting; breakfast for dinner; pancakes, turkey bacon and fruit
Thursday - Turkey Burgers on New Thin Sandwich Bread that I love (100 calories and healthy) and Sweet Potatoes
Friday - Mushroom and Chicken Bake - yummy, I bought boneless skinless chicken thighs and they are really good; salad
Saturday - Ladies' Night Out at Church. . .mi familia you are on your own! :) Mini-Pizza's with the Thin Sandwich Bread perhaps?
Sunday - Chicken Pot Pie or Leftovers

I think having a game plan will help my week when I blankly stare into the fridge with not a clue what to make. Plus, I know that I have all of the ingredients to make these things so no excuses not to eat at home this week!

Here's to a better week!

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