Mom's Head Explodes

Well, that is pretty descriptive, huh? That is what I would put as the headline at our house this week and last. I just feel this immense pressure! I think it has to do with the post I am putting up at 5 Minutes for Faith tomorrow. By the way, my computer is on the blink so I am on a borrowed one so no little cute button to follow to my post. :)

I can't imagine what all of the moms in America are doing right now. Possibly, putting these "brown nosing teacher pails" together? Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do our husbands not stay up late wondering what we are going to give the teacher the first day of school or what our kids will wear? I imagine because they have bigger fish to fry, like where will the money come from to fund all of the sporting events our kids are a part of this year.

So what are you doing at your home? Are you calm, cool and collected in the before the school rush or are our head's exploding together? I sure hope that you are the calm one!

Many blessings!

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