When's the Baby Due?

No, I am not having a baby! But I feel like I am! Not because I have gained weight either. Which I have! :) Working on that. . .that update is for another blog post!

The baby is the addition that we have been adding on since last May. A "simple" addition of a two car garage, a laundry room, a guest bedroom, another living space and last, but definitely not least, a master bath! Basically, we built a house this year.

I feel like I am about 42 months pregnant(normal gestation for a baby is 40 weeks) and everyone is asking when my baby is due. In my mind, I am screaming. . .stop asking me that, the baby will come when the baby comes! On the other side, I have already decorated the baby's room, packed my bags and cannot wait for the baby to come. In fact, I am getting a bit impatient. I am ready for that baby to sleep in it's bed (not that they really do, but it is dreamy to think of).

I feel a little past due. I am starting to get irritable. Ok, I am irritable. I will admit. Really, we are only about 35 weeks pregnant in house terms. We are finishing the tile in the bathroom around the shower and tub. None of the floors are finished. We have two out of four rooms left to paint. We are having trouble with the air conditioning of the addition. It sounds like we may need to buy a whole new unit for that side. Also, we discovered the duct work underneath the house is not the best. Go figure! :)

We also have to move the door that used to go outside that attaches the old house to the new part. We need to do all the trim work. I really should not say we on that though. I am inept on trim work. I am very good at "buttering" tile though . . . when I show up to work. :(

Really, it's not that much more, but the thought of starting another school year in a construction zone is making me crazy(er). Hansel is going to be in 4th grade public school this year and Gretel will be homeschooling for her 3rd grade year. Don't ask me why we do the things we do. I just go by what I feel is the best option for them each year. I guess I could say, I go with my gut.

Ok, so now I feel better getting all of my ranting out. The "baby" will be born soon. My gut says so.

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