Google 411

Have you been out and about in town and realized that you did not have the phone number for the doctor's office that you needed to call? Especially, when you live in Dallas you really don't want to carry the yellow pages with you!

Recently, I discovered and love GOOG 411. Basically, you can call any business in any town (even my little one) and find the phone number to where you are calling. You just say the business name and the city and state. The only thing that is weird about it is that sometimes it does not pick up my Arkansas accent. It says funny stuff back to me. Could that be how I sound? Nah! :) There have only been a couple of times that it could not find the place for me.

It also connects you automatically and the best thing about it is free. I made it one of my favorites on my phone so I don't even have to dial the number. The phone number is 1-800-466-4411.

Enjoy and never call information for a business again! Yay!


katherine said...

Just FYI -- Google 411 is also part of the google iphone app. (if you don't have it, get it!) then, you don't even have to dial..l.

John Mark said...

I love this too! I use it all the time when I'm out and about. Very very handy.