Comfort is fried pork chops and mashed potatoes. Comfort is curling up with your favorite book in your favorite spot in your home. Comfort is spending time with your family on vacation. Comfort is being around people you know. Comfort is giving the same amount of tithe you always have for ten years. Comfort is a good life.

Uncomfortable is eating something in another country that is their delicacy, but you cannot identify. Uncomfortable is moving to a new home in a new state because your job moves you. Uncomfortable is serving as a missionary for two years in the jungles of Peru and the thing you pick up in the morning is not your cup of coffee, but your machete to keep the snakes at bay. Uncomfortable is switching the seat you have always set in at church to get to know someone different. Uncomfortable should be the life of a Christian.

God has set this in my heart. I guess I could say that uncomfortable is a blog post at 3:00 in the morning! :)


John Mark said...

Can I have a little bit of comfort? I'd like to trade the snakes for the coffee part.

katherine said...

i want to hear the nancy leigh demoss story. and, i want clappyshoes to come back!!