I know that some of you have been checking my blog to find NOTHING new. I am not exactly sure what is going on with me. I wish I knew. Every time I go to write on my blog, I delete it! If you are seeing this, it's a miracle that the text made it.

I think part of it has to do with me not having a camera for so long. No pics = blah to me. Long story short, I have a new camera and I am hoping to post pics of the house, kids, etc soon. Pray that my writing mood comes back and my answering phone mood and my eating healthy mood . . .well just pray for a miracle on my part! :)

Longing to be back,
Clappy Shoes

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Anonymous said...

Desiree' I'm glad your back, I've been missing you and the kids' stories and pictures. Come back more often! love Ya!