Yo! Yo! What's Up?

I have to admit that one of my favorite past times is singing at home, especially rapping. I am terrible at it, but it is fun.

Tonight my kids and I were flipping through the channels and the American Music Awards were on. One of the rappers was talking and Hansel asked me who it was. Being an out of the loop 30 something year old mom I said, "I have no idea." Gretel (seven years old) says, " Hansel, it's a Yo Yo guy!" Yeah, I guess with all of my rapping she has learned a tad bit of "culture."

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chona said...

I watched most of the AMA with my kids and was really surprised that they knew who most of these artists were - they were equally shocked tht I knew who the NKOTB were (but thought they were lame - I had to agree).