Works for Me Wednesday - Garmin for Motivation

I am realizing that my posts are coming few and far between, but that's ok. Just like exercising you just got to keep moving the best you can to stay in the rhythm.

I have actually been thinking about my post all week trying to decide what is the most important tidbit that I wanted to share with you. There are so many things that work for me these days! I decided on my Garmin that I got for my birthday.

As you know, I have taken up running or slow jogging according to my Garmin! :) Basically, it is a GPS system on your watch. It keeps your time, pace, calories burned and even the course that you ran. It has been helpful to me not only for the fact that it was an investment that I feel I must pay for in running, but it helps me in two ways.

It helps me while I am running to run against my own pace. When I am running a race I need to know how fast I am going to see if I am going so fast that I might need to call the Waaaambulance or if I am running so slow that I might not ever see the finish line. Important information like that is provided at the touch of your hand.

It also helps me after I run. Because I am technologically challenged when it comes to gadgets, it has taken a little begging on my part to convince my husband to show me how it works. He downloaded the Garmin software on my computer so that I can see inch by inch,
what my pace was like while I was running. If I am running a particular course in training for a race (I use this term loosely because I only sign up to keep myself motivated between races. . .no gold medals here) then I like to know in what particular part of the course I better kick it up a notch.

I compare the Garmin to a kitchen meat thermometer. . .it is a must have tool in the kitchen that tells you when you are rare or finished cooking! I love it and have really benefited from it. I think my husband got it off of Amazon for about $120. It really has worked for me and hope that if you have been thinking about buying one this helps you too!


katherine said...

glad you're still running! i'm up to 16 miles for the marathon. yikes!

ki is going to loan me a running pouch that i can put my iphone in. i have an application on it that acts similarly to a garmond -- tells you pace, mileage, routes your course, etc. cool stuff, huh?

Anonymous said...

i agree 100%. we have one too and LOVE, love, love it.