Clappy Shoes Hiatus Over

I did not know I was taking a break from my blog until it happened. Sorry about that. Every time I went to post something I just felt like I just didn't have it in me.

It has been a little wild lately. I know that many of you have experienced that dizzy, life is turning too fast to keep up feeling before. After the tree landed on the house, we have had a lot of extra To Do's in life. If you have ever read the book, Margins, just don't correlate that book with our family because we do not live life with a lot of margin. So when something that is not planned happens we just have to buckle our seat belts and hold on for the whirlwind.

So besides a continuation of the Arkansas Chainsaw Massacre we went on a marriage retreat in North Carolina. If you have never visited Asheville, North Carolina. . .you need to go asap. It is beautiful this time of year and it is a really fun town to visit. We went to Billy Graham's Retreat Center, The Cove. It was not only beautiful and refreshing, but there was some amazing food there. . .especially if you like Country Cookin' like me. Amazing Sweet Tea!! Oh, and I learned a lot about marriage as a pastor's wife. That was the point, right?

"Prof." Howard Hendricks and Chip Ingram were the speakers at the retreat. Chip Ingram founded Life On the Edge Ministries as well as Walk Thru The Bible. Howard Hendricks is a prof of a bazillion years at DTS and has been married 62 years! The tools they gave us for our marriage were awesome. Prince Charming and I have been to several marriage seminars before, but this one was exactly what we needed to go deeper. We have some invaluable tools and have had a time of refreshment so we are back in the saddle. I am thankful for the time away from the chaos and life's demands and I feel refreshed to be the wife that God intended for me to be.

Anyway, all that to say I am glad to be back to my regular posting and "normal life" with hopefully a little more husband/wife communication going on!

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katherine said...

so glad the retreat was good! and, i'm glad you're back to bloggy land. let's chat soon!