The Coolest Blog Post Ever

You can see that there is a gap in my posting and I promise I have a very good reason. . .not to mention celebrating Christmas with mi familia!

A few months back I was sitting at a restaurant with a friend and we started talking about what we could do for a mutual friend. Our friend is a single mom of four kids. That alone should make your hair stand on end. She is not only a single mom of four kids. . .she works full time as a vet technician at my friend's clinic as well as leads a Bible Study for about 20 neighborhood kids on Thursday nights. . .which includes feeding them dinner. Ok, and to top that off she helps lead worship at our church faithfully every week by sharing her talents on the keyboard. You get my drift, she is Elastigirl from the Incredibles. But before you get too jealous at her many talents, think of how bad her feet hurt every day after work, cooking, household chores, homework and getting four kids to bed. I mean, gee wizz, I can't even get my two to bed without a hissy fit (me, not the kids!)

Ok, ok back to the story of my friend. So that very day we started the thought process on what we could give her that would be meaningful and special. We decided to do an "Extreme Home Makeover" on her bedroom. At the very least, when she kicks up her heels at the end of the day we wanted her to have a cozy, comfy place!

The next step was the laborious act of shopping for everything :) We started around Thanksgiving picking up what we needed for her room and we realized there were a few things that we wanted to get for her kiddos. As we drew nearer to the project we got a game plan together. She was going out of town for Christmas and someone needed to check the house (wink, wink!) We got the key and entered the home of our sweet friend's answered prayers. We realized we were in for the long haul then.

She will admit. . . it was pretty bad when we got there. The week before she left to go out of town her second youngest was hospitalized for two days with severe abdominal pain and when she got him out of the hospital she was in charge of a Christmas party for her neighborhood kids. Can you believe it??!! She is giving a Christmas party for neighborhood kids when she had not been home in two days and was going out of town the next day! Would I do it, no way!? Party cancelled. . .everyone find your own toys and Bibles. Sad, but true.

Now you are about to see something really special. . .God's people working together to do something for someone who deserves it more than she will ever know. People, not fighting, but with joy in the heart loving on someone who has no clue. We got a lot of amazing donations from around town and several extremely generous donations of money from people within our church. I got to be Ty Pennington with my camera and yes we did yell, "Let's move in some furniture, people! and Welcome Home, __ Family, Welcome Home!!!" It had to be the most amazing, beautiful experience of my life to be included in such a project.

I cannot show all of the before and after's, it will be mostly after's because just like you wouldn't want me to show your before's I don't need to show hers! :) Got me? :)

We took all of her mini-blinds in her bedroom down and gave them a good washin' and a good talkin' too and said, "No more dust!!!" When I was a teenager I did not know that there were things other than music and friends. This gal is amazing, wouldn't you agree? There were several teenagers who came to help with our kids and to scrub toilets and various other things. This gal has to definitely make the blog!

Two amigos who know how to get after it and paint!! They helped paint her room and the trim as well as like a thousand other things that they helped with. They did a little shopping with me too :) Fun times, girls. . .fun times!

Oopsie, that was not what you were supposed to be painting!! :) Another laborer under my regime. :) You are awesome.

Ok, I am freaking out about how to introduce you to her new room. You may want to go over there and sleep in her bed! It is yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I will give you an appetizer picture to give you a taste.

Are you drooling?

She needed a nook. Did you see the sign on the door. . .it says, Queen. . .do you hear that kids. . .don't wake up the Queen!!

Ok, on for the main course. . .I have led you on for too long.

You want to see her face? I know. . we're both grinning from ear to ear, but she is the one in the back with the fur on her black coat.

This is the way she looked the whole time. She clapped, jumped up and down, gave her kids high fives. . .mind you it was midnight when she got in and she had more energy than ever when she saw all that had happened "while she was out!"

This was just her room and I will show a few shot at my other favorite places that we set up for her.

Organization is a must with four kids!

her table is set

her kid's beds are made

and the kids are all tucked in. . .Night Night! God bless you, you sweet family!


Llama Momma said...

I love this!!! What a wonderful story. Your friend sounds so deserving...and you sound like an amazing friend!!

Tina said...

What a blessing your guys have been to her for being a blessing to everyone else!!

Those neighborhood children are very blessed to have someone looking out for them.

You are all wonderful friends!!

chona said...

Desiree - what selfless and inspiring thing to do for someone so deserving! She's blessed to have a church family like yours!

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