Jewelry Organization

I used to sell Premier Designs jewelry and I bought a fishing tackle box for about $5 or $6 at Wal-mart. It has four pull out plastic trays and in the tackle box are little plastic dividers that you can divide the tray however large or small that you need the compartments. So I put necklaces in large compartments and rings and earrings in the smaller areas. I toted around at least 100 pieces of jewelry this way. Another thing that I did so that my jewelry would not get scratched was to put cosmetic cotton pads down in the bottom to protect if from the plastic. Even though I do not sell jewelry anymore I still use my containers and I even slide them into my jewelry armoire. An organizer in an organizer. Visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer to find more helpful hints. Let me know by commenting if this was fun information and you would like more posts like this!!!

By the way, if you are a thief the jewelry is high fashion, not the real deal! Don't bother! :)

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Caitlyn said...

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