Easter Update

It was a very cold morning to wake up to. Help started showing up at 9:00 with their Spring Parkas on. We got the signs hung up first that were donated by RC Cola. The huge banners read "Easter Egg Hunt, Rain or Shine, 10 am sponsored by Fellowship Bible Church of Batesville."

Honestly, this hunt was more fun than I have had in a long time. I think there are a couple of reasons that it is fun for me. For one, I am bossy by nature. I can see it in my daughter. She yells in her adorable five year old voice, Caleb Rutter!!! You get in here this instant!!!! So, yes I realize that I have bossy blood. I prayed before the event that my bossiness would come out loving and caring way, thinking more about the person than the details of the event. Hopefully, that is what happened! I guess I will find out later.

One of the other reasons is that I love planning something like this is seeing it come to fruition. It is a wonderful feeling to see all of the details loved and embraced by each individual. We set out coloring tables for the kids and it was wonderful to see the kids (and even some adults) hovered around it, drawing their finest Easter pictures while they waited for the next event.

The other thing and hopefully the most important thing I love about things like this, is that no matter how much I plan and fret and stress and yell and worry. . . God has it under His control and no matter what I do. . .His plan will be fulfilled! He will show Himself and He may even show out! I really felt like Christ Himself were there with those little children. The kids had fun hearing the stories about Christ and His resurrection. They even got to take the story home with them in the Resurrection eggs that they made. What a wonderful celebration. We had about 75 kids and about the same amount of adults. We even made the local newspaper, first page. We beat out the story of the Easter Egg Hunt with hay on the street and the man who was arrested for stealing a chicken. Big stuff here!!


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