The Big Game and the The Big Quote

"Lucky" #13 is up to bat!!!

Caleb had his first ever "pitching machine" baseball game last night. I cannot describe the adrenaline I felt as a mom. I felt as if I were playing in the World Series myself. My kids have never really been involved in sports activities until this year. Caleb has been practicing for several weeks on his team and I really felt excited for him, but nothing like last night at "the big game." His team was behind four points at the beginning and then they came back and tied this team 6-6. Caleb was awesome. He was one of the 6 points!!! I was so proud of him. I am definitely his biggest fan!!! He was so proud of himself too. You should have seen his face. He actually got to second base later on in the game and one time he struck out. He was just awesome though.

The very coolest part of the game was afterward. We had watched, Facing the Giants over the weekend. If you have not seen this, I highly recommend it. It is a low budget film, but the point is very clear in it. On the way to the game Caleb repeated a quote from the movie. "If we win we praise Him, if we lose we will still praise Him." He asked what that really meant and I said that our God is still good and awesome even if we lose. Even when we are going through hard stuff, God is still in control and worthy to be praised. He totally clung to that. At the end of the game, the coach told all of the kids to take a knee. The coach was talking about next Thursday's game and how great of a job they did. Caleb interjected as the coach was about to move on to another subject and said, I just want to say one thing. "If we win we praise Him and if we lose we will still praise Him." John Mark and I smiled at one another and looked at his primary coach who looked a little confused. His other coach totally got what Caleb was saying and said, "that's right." I noticed that that coach warmed up to us a lot as we were getting our after the game drinks. It was a very neat experience to see Caleb speak boldly as his name applies, "bold one." He has no idea that so many other people and Christians would be so nervous to say something like that to their peers and their coach. He has no fear and he shouldn't because the Lord is with that little guy. Very cool moment for his parents!!! Baseball might just be the topic of this blog for awhile and I promise to upload some pics as soon as I find that darn cord!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm so glad he had a good game and even gladder that he is learning to praise even when he doesn't! love you guys! Faith