Lime Disease

Ok, so that is really not my cat's name. I have had the most entertaining time coming up with offshoots of names for this cat though. I have three cats and two of them I received as a gift recently. A little about the story, which a lot of you already know, but it never fails to amaze me how God provides for even our silliest wants. A typical Christmas season for me and John Mark:
JM: What do you want for Christmas?
DR: I want diamonds, new jeans, a new cabinet for the kitchen, and 10 house projects finished. . .
JM: Ok, what do you really want?
DR: That's what I really want, but I will take a cute kitten in a Christmas stocking presented to me on Christmas morning. :)
JM: Ok, what do you really want?
DR: AAAAH, that is what I really want!!!
JM: We don't need anymore responsibilites, we already have two kids, a cat, and a yard!
DR: Ok, but that is what I really want.

He and I go back and forth about it for several weeks until about a week before Christmas. He calls a friend of mine, who is a vet, and asks her where he can get a kitten. She refers him to the Humane Society down the road from where we live. He says ok and hangs up the phone. The next morning, he opens our back door to take our kids to school when I hear him yelling. I come running only to see that there are three adorable kittens on our back porch, one of which is now, "Lime, Lime Cat, Lime Lip, Lime Disease, my newest favorite, Slimy Limy!!!" We have another adorable predator cat named Socks, obviously for his cute white paws and black body. The other kitten that was on the back porch ran off and never returned. I have decided that he realized his fate of living with the Rutter Family and decided he better hit the road. So that is the story of Lime Disease and the Miracle Cats!


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John Mark said...

Heheh. That's pretty much how the conversation went. :-)