The Evolution of "Clappy Shoes"

As I was trying to establish the very important name of this blog I tried to think of all of my favorite things. My first preference was Lovely Thoughts. . . that was taken. The next name I went to I think was, Grits! That was taken! Aah! Then GritsnCheese. . .can you believe that was taken!! Ok, so I tried my real favorite, gritsnbacon and it was available, but being on a diet and all I should probably not tempt myself too much with having to type that every day! So I asked Abby Kaye (my five year old) her opinion on the matter, thinking she might have some wisdom, as she was the only one home at the time, and her response was Isabelle! hmmm, I will have to think about that one. . .then I saw on the floor beside us, her adorable "clappy shoes" as she sweetly refers to them especially when she is looking for them and I knew that was the name. Why? Because I like clappy shoes too. I remember dressing up in my granny's clothes when I was a little girl and prancing around in her clappy shoes. I am just one of a long generation of clappy shoe wearers!

So the purpose of this blog, whether you are a "clappy shoe" wearer or not, is to have a place to unwind, process things, take a look into your soul, and kick back and relax with me. I have never been a person to relax but I need this blog to help me with just that. It can be a place where I process my days and even keep a record of my days. I have always journaled. . .I'm serious. . .always journaled since I was in 3rd or 4th grade. I still have some of those very important journals. . .hopefully I can share those with you sometime. Quite entertaining, they are! But since I have been married and had kids it has been difficult to keep that a priority in my life. There have been times or periods of darkness where I have journaled but the good times are seldom recorded. I want this blog to be a celebratory one as well!

My typing has gotten much faster since I am almost at the end of my first cup of coffee for the morning. . .need to grab another and get started for the day!



Momma said...

Hey! I sure miss you guys. I linked your blog from mine--I am not good about writing in it every day though.


katherine said...

yay for clappyshoes! :) let's see a photo of these shoe . . .

let's catch up again soon. lots to tell you. i keep thinking of you and am still wanting to come visit. promise! :)

love you friend!

Unknown said...

Nickie, what is that name of your blog?

Anonymous said...

I have loved catching up and reading about your life! I sure do miss you guys and your precious children! You are too funny Desiree!!

Love ya - Audrey

Unknown said...

Hey Audrey, I have thought of you so often, especially when i am dealing with children's church stuff at our own church. I think, what would Audrey do? I hope that you are doing well. Do you have a blog? It has been goodreconnecting with Nickie too (aka the queen of shopping!) Are you still working at the church?

My kids were pretty shocked coming to this church. They were like where is the indoor playground and the ark? Miss you so much!